Personal injury litigation

We pursue all of our claims vigorously and with loyalty to our clients, and we will not be intimidated by powerful insurance companies

We understand that being injured is a stressful time in you and your family’s life, not only personally but also financially. We strive to alleviate your stress by educating you about the injuries claims process, giving you the peace of mind that you are in caring and professional legal hands.

We represent all kinds of accident victims, including those who have been injured:

  • Driving or riding in a car
  • As a pedestrian or bike rider or in a bus accident
  • By a drug or medication
  • By a medical device or procedure
  • While trusting to the safety of a bus or plane or train
  • By product, piece of equipment or device
  • By the actions of a doctor, hospital, or other medical personnel
  • Through the intentional or negligent actions of anyone they should have been able to trust
  • For victims of birth injury

At Lospa Lawyers, we know how important it is to resolve your case as quickly as possible, before memories fade and evidence may be lost. We will work closely with you, starting with a free consultation. We will thoroughly and quickly document the facts of your claims and present the best evidence necessary to prosecute your claims. We then will work aggressively to win for you a just verdict at trial or to negotiate the best possible settlement, ensuring we select the course that is in your best interest.

We recently:

  • successfully represented pedestrian struck by a car resulting in a multiple fractures requiring a couple of surgeries. Award 15.000 EUR;
  • successfully represented 47 year old male involved in a two car motor vehicle accident during the course of his employment sustaining right shoulder impingement with subsequent surgery as well as multiple cervical and lumbar herniated discs requiring lower back surgery. Award 37.000 EUR;
  • helped our client claim compensation through a pre-litigation procedure against Constanta Hospital trust. The birth was mismanaged as a result of which child delivery was compromised by shoulder dystocia. Because the full extent of child’s injury could not be ascertained we delayed the case until we will know for sure how his injuries would impede his life.

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