The courtroom is our second home

Taking a matter to court is a big step for most businesses, with a number of resource-intensive challenges. It requires mastering the legal rules, factual details and commercial considerations – and combining these elements to present a logical and convincing case.

We conduct a large number of complex cases before the Romanian courts, from the lower courts to the High Court of Justice, as well as in special proceedings before the Romanian Constitutional Court. Our reputation is based on imaginative strategic thinking, meticulous preparation, powerful advocacy and above all a determination to excel for our clients.

We will balance the sensitivities of the case against forceful action wherever required: this may involve settlement negotiations, litigation or arbitration. We also know that the cost of litigation and arbitration is an issue and we try hard to approach costs in a sensible and collaborative manner.

Our team handles judicial and arbitration proceedings in numerous areas, including:

Construction Litigation

Domestic Arbitration

Employment Litigation

Health Care Litigation

Insurance Recovery

IP Litigation

Media & Advertising Litigation

Product Liability Litigation

Public Procurement Litigation

Real Estate Litigation

Shareholders Litigation

Tax Litigation