Media & advertising litigation
Media & advertising litigation

Know-how to win

It’s not uncommon for an advertising campaign to face multiple and simultaneous challenges by a competitor, regulator or consumer.

Our cases include Romanian court trials, National Advertising Council (NAC) investigations and enforcement actions, National Authority for Consumer Protection (NACP) and Ministry of Finance proceedings, and industry self-regulators investigations (such as the Romanian Advertising Council) or the Romanian Association of International Drug Manufacturers – ARPIM).

Our attorneys regularly appear at the NAC and before the NACP, so we have the pulse of the regulatory climate right at our fingertips. As such, we can provide early warning on issues that have risen to the top of the regulatory agenda.

The cases handled by us involve every type of advertising:

  • traditional television, radio and print media
  • direct mail and telemarketing
  • retail packaging and in-store displays
  • cutting-edge Internet, mobile marketing, social media, viral and
  • other word-of-mouth marketing

Through the use of empirical and measurable evidence, we can help you develop and strengthen the evidence necessary to prove your claims or refute those of your competition.

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