Medical malpractice defense
Medical malpractice defense

Dedicated to protecting medical professionals

The number of medical malpractice litigation cases in Romania is growing exponentially. This trend can be explained by the collapsing Romanian healthcare system, characterised by poor conditions in hospitals, a lack of medical personnel, and the exodus of doctors abroad. The increase in the number of medical malpractice suits is also due to several highly publicised cases of doctors being accused of conducting unauthorised medical experiments on patients, mainly children.

Being accused of medical malpractice is a traumatizing experience for health care professionals, striking at what is usually the most vulnerable time of their lives. As our client, you’ll find we stand by your side, help you embrace challenges and walk you through the complexities of the legal system. We take great pride in helping to restore your life so that you can move forward focusing on your true calling of helping patients.

When warranted by the circumstances of the case, we complement our proven trial capabilities with experience in alternative dispute resolution approaches, including mediation and arbitration before College of Physicians in Romania (RO – Colegiul Medicilor din Romania). We always seek to provide solutions most appropriate to each client's personal objectives and priorities.

We help:

  • surgeons
  • paediatrics
  • orthopaedics
  • gynaecologists
  • oncologists
  • ophthalmologists
  • radiologists
  • neurologists
  • oral and maxillofacial surgeons
  • dentists

We also defend hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical companies and health-related businesses facing claims regarding negligent hiring, improper staffing and negligent credentialing.

We have extensive experience defending against a broad range of medical malpractice claims, including:

  • allegations of abuse, neglect, exploitation or improper relationships
  • diagnostic errors or omissions
  • failure to timely assess, diagnose, or treat illness or complications
  • failure to recognize and treat significant changes in a patient’s condition
  • failure to communicate critical information to other healthcare professionals
  • failure to monitor and supervise
  • failure to report to regulatory agencies or boards
  • improper charting and failing to document appropriately
  • improper testing
  • medication errors
  • recommending an improper form of treatment
  • surgical errors
  • violations of statutes, regulations and policies

A key focus of our approach is avoiding claims and other legal problems before they arise. Our robust health care practice handles the myriad legal issues that health-care providers confront.

Our team is committed to vigorously defending practitioners who have been accused of medical malpractice. We only accept cases that have merit and are supported by facts, giving us an invaluable reputation for high ethical standards that reflects positively on our clients. We do all of the legwork and preparation necessary to build a strong case from the beginning, including reviewing the records, conducting extensive research, and speaking to qualified experts.