Arbitraj na╚Ťional
Arbitraj na╚Ťional

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Domestic arbitration plays an important role in the Romanian business world. Swift decisions from experts selected by the parties offer a convincing argument to opt out of the national courts' jurisdiction.

Our team represents clients in both ad-hoc and institutional domestic arbitration proceedings and we defend our clients in arbitration-related court proceedings: choice of appropriate institutes and rules, guidance in selecting arbitrators, advice on structuring proceedings, assistance with evidence-taking, and effective oral representation before domestic courts of arbitration (i.e. Court of International Commercial Arbitration attached to the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bucharest Commercial Arbitration Court - CACB).

Activitatea firmei Lospa Lawyers presupune, de asemenea, servicii pre ╚Öi post-arbitraj, cum ar fi acordul de arbitraj, consiliere privind evitarea, evaluarea ╚Öi atenuarea riscurilor, executarea sau anularea deciziilor (decizii exequatur, Conven╚Ťia de la New York, 1958) sau m─âsuri conservatorii.