We turn Mikes into Harvis™

Innovative testing and learning techniques combined with years of experience training lawyers make Lospa Academy the best partner when you decide to pass the bar exam.

Lospa Academy Bar Course delivers all of the substantive law that you’ll need to pass the exam, along with the strategies for mastering multiple-choice questions and maximizing your scores on exam. You’ll be guided step-by-step through what to do, what to read and what to write, from the first day of class to the bar exam. Trusted by lawyers in Bucharest, Lospa Academy Bar Course will give you everything you need to pass the exam and start practicing as an attorney.

The way to prepare for the bar exam requires examples, active application, engaging live instruction, a plethora of unique material catering to all types of learning styles, the ability to ask questions, and a supportive team of real humans to guide you through. Once you couple this with a strong online component, you have the complete experience. Just reading books, watching videos, and practices questions on a computer, in isolation, will not cut it.


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