Pro Bono
Pro Bono

The difference between a business and a profession

The ever-increasing pressures of the legal marketplace, the need to bill hours, to market to clients, and to attend to the bottom line, have made fulfilling the responsibilities of community service quite difficult. But public service marks the difference between a business and a profession. While a business can afford to focus solely on profits, a profession cannot. It must devote itself first to the community it is responsible to serve. We can imagine no greater duty than fulfilling this obligation. And we can imagine no greater pleasure.

As economic difficulties exacerbate the problem of unequal access to quality legal representation, the need is as great as ever, and we continue to respond to it. Along with helping individual clients, Lospa Lawyers considers it essential to assist groups that work on behalf of the public to address issues of economic and social justice.

The full resources of Lospa Lawyers are brought to bear in support of every pro bono case or transaction. We maintain an active docket of cases in many areas of public interest law, including asylum, domestic violence, education law, environmental law and not-for-profit law.

If you are in need of pro bono legal representation, please contact us at [email protected]. We are looking forward to meeting you.

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