Intellectual property
Intellectual property

You’ve got ideas. We protect them

We are deeply attuned to the IP legal intricacies and we consider all available options for our clients’ IP rights and customize our legal advice accordingly. We manage the full life cycle of client intellectual property assets, and develop strong, defensible portfolios that align with each client’s specific goals.

We are experienced in all IP matters and we are particularly specialized in:

IP transactions

We structure stand-alone IP transactions and draft and negotiate the related contracts, such as license and settlement agreements, IP assignment agreements, R&D agreements, development and co-development agreements, information technology agreements, marketing agreements, Internet and e-commerce agreements, technology sharing agreements and employer/employee IP rights provisions.

Our team focuses include:

  • IP counselling and negotiation associated with M&A and spin-offs
  • drafting and negotiation of IP licenses and settlement agreements
  • IP-related corporate due diligence services to support financial transactions or sale
  • counselling regarding the sale or purchase of IP rights
  • generation of corporate IP policy

If a client requires IP-related services, we work in conjunction with lawyers from other practices within or without the firm to deliver a combination of services, both traditional and innovative. We represent clients in structuring and negotiating the IP aspects of mergers and acquisitions, technology acquisitions, joint ventures and other types of strategic partnerships and alliances.

IP Audits

Intellectual property has become an increasingly valuable component of many businesses' assets. Not only can intellectual property provide a business with a competitive advantage over its competitors, those assets can also be licensed or sold to generate income. Accordingly, is important to identity your business' intellectual property to fully protect and utilize those assets - a key feature of intelligent IP.

Our intellectual property audit services include:

  • identifying a business' intellectual property
  • reviewing a business' current copyright and trade-mark applications and registrations
  • assessing whether a business' existing copyrights and trade-marks are the subject of pending applications and registrations
  • reviewing agreements and disputes involving a business' intellectual property


We have extensive knowledge of all aspects of administrative and judicial protection of trademarks for companies, taking in everything from registered trademark portfolio creation, management and maintenance to local, international, regional and community trademark registration processes, the negotiation and drafting of assignment, licensing, merchandising and joint venture agreements, the preparation of registration viability and usage reports, acting in court or Romanian State Office for Inventions and Trademarks (RO – Oficiul de Stat pentru Invenții și Mărci) proceedings in relation to trademark infringement, nullity and cancellation, as well as the bringing of actions for unfair competition or counterfeit.


We work with our clients to develop their products and market them without running afoul of the competition. Additionally, we are assessing the possibilities of patent infringement when client products are launched or about to be launched. We routinely counsel our clients on:

  • patent validity and enforceability
  • infringement and misuse
  • licensing options
  • potential and ongoing litigation
  • due diligence and patent portfolio analysis
  • Law no. 83/2014 on employees’ inventions and employer rights