Consumer protection
Consumer protection

Your customer’s perception is your business reality

Romania is bound by the consumer protection directives of the European Union. We can guide you through the often complex statutory requirements and give you plain language, commercial and practical advice you need in order to ensure your business is compliant.

You can be confident of our in-depth knowledge of the regimes designed to protect consumers. We will ensure you can keep your focus on your business without getting bogged down in the detail of law.

Our practice in this area has developed over the years as consumer protection laws have evolved and expanded, especially with the wealth of EC based legislation, and laws to monitor and regulate online business activity.

Our specialist team of lawyers work closely with retailers, manufacturers and professional service providers at both a local and national level to ensure their compliance with all aspects of consumer law.

We can provide you with practical and commercial advice on:

  • product safety and product liability, including warranties and product recall
  • distance contracts/e-commerce
  • review of contractual documentation to ensure compliance with applicable consumer protection rules
  • labelling
  • assistance during a control ran by the Consumer Protection Authority, and further challenging the sanctions imposed by the Authority before Romanian courts
  • assistance before National Advertising Council (RO - CNA) and Ministry of Finance (Department for State Aid, Unfair Practices and Regulated Practice), and further challenging the sanctions imposed by the authorities before Romanian courts

We can also assist you by carrying out an audit of your current processes and procedures to highlight any areas that you need to change or amend.