Health care litigation
Health care litigation

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Our team has substantial experience advising and defending payers and providers across the spectrum of litigation issues that affect health care businesses. This includes claw-back reimbursement disputes, civil and criminal fraud investigations, contract claims, governmental contracting challenges, non-compete disputes, antitrust issues and subpoena responses. We handle all aspects of these claims, from government investigations and pre-litigation disputes through highest Romanian courts.  We help clients navigate government administrative proceedings and resolve disputes through arbitration or settlement.

Our clients are pharmaceutical and medical devices companies, distributors, logistic providers, specialty clinics, health centres, diagnostic facilities, pharmacies, healthcare technology companies, and academic medical organizations and foundations.

Health care litigation services we provide to clients include:

  • government investigations
  • administrative hearings relating to potential suspension, exclusion, and penalties
  • representation before Romanian National Agency of Medicine and Medical Devices, Romanian Minister of Health
  • Romanian Advertising Council and CNA investigations
  • challenging pharmaceutical pricing decisions
  • commercial disputes

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Jason Wolfe

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