Developing a brand reputation is your job, keeping it out of trouble is ours

We frequently advise on the rules governing both offline and online advertising campaigns, to ensure that you achieve the best media exposure while complying with the law. Our team’s experience ranges from print-based advertising to electronic direct marketing. We are well-informed on the latest industry trends and can offer practical insights and guidance on issues such as targeting, separation of editorial and marketing content (particularly in the context of the use of influencers and native advertising) and reactive marketing.

We can also put in place and help you negotiate the contracts you need – whether they relate to sponsorship, your arrangements with brand ambassadors and influencers, the exploitation of rights, or placing your product in a film or TV programme. We pride ourselves on our understanding of cutting edge technology and the work we do within the entire spectrum of creative industries.

Our clients also rely on us for unparalleled litigation support in situations where their compliance efforts are questioned by regulators or customers, including compliance with Law no. 158/2008 regarding misleading and comparative advertising, Audiovisual Law no. 504/2002, National Audiovisual Council Code, and sector-specific regulations.

We can advise you on:

  • copy and brand clearance advice
  • terms and conditions
  • advertising and sponsorship agreements
  • review of labels, from both the regulatory and advertising legislation perspective
  • contracts for advertising agencies, PR companies, sponsorship, brand ambassador and influencer arrangements
  • image rights exploitation
  • licensing agreements
  • brand protection issues
  • comparative and misleading advertising
  • challenges to published or broadcasted advertising materials before relevant authorities (such as National Advertising Council, National Authority for Consumer Protection and Ministry of Finance) and self-regulatory bodies (such as the Romanian Advertising Council)
  • product placement

Key Contacts

Paul Lospa

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Elena Armașu

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Elena Pîrvu

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Bianca Răileanu

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Bogdan Vasile

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Radu Dodoi

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Gabriela Lospa

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Jason Wolfe

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