Construction advisory
Construction advisory

We know the “terrain”

Lospa Lawyers assists clients in structuring, preparing and negotiating significant construction contracts and supports them throughout the entire process, as well as through complex construction litigation files. Our in-depth experience allows us to determine when a client will be best served with an industry-standard contract and when a project needs a tailor-made solution.

We represent clients involved in large-scale projects in the real estate, energy, renewables, infrastructure and other sectors, across Romania.

We are experienced in all the construction sectors and in the engineering industry and we are particularly specialized in:

  • legal assistance in authorising, but also in drafting, specific contracts in the construction business, for all types of investment projects (industrial parks, hotels, business centres, residential compounds)
  • FIDIC-type contracts (Red, Yellow, Silver and Gold Books) – drafting and negotiating particular clauses, contract management, competence procedures, Dispute Adjudication Board
  • legal assistance in relation to the implementation of contracts concluded via public procurement proceedings and financed as part of the pre-accession ISPA and PHARE programmes, including legal assistance for the issuance, execution and return of letters of bank guarantee for down-payment and performance bonds
  • legal assistance upon the settlement of disputes arising from the enforcement or termination of FIDIC-type contracts

We have extensive experience of all the major international and regional standard forms of contract, including FIDIC, IChemE, I Mech E, JCT, NEC, and PPC2000, SIA.

Key Contacts

Paul Lospa

+40 725 387 205

Livia Dianu-Buja

+40 751 214 154

Elena Pîrvu

+40 727 214 655

Bogdan Vasile

+40 749 264 899

Radu Dodoi

+40 766 491 750

Gabriela Lospa

+40 722 693 208

Jason Wolfe

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