The courtroom is our second home

You are not just another case to us. We want to get to know about you, and your circumstances. We understand that disputes are stressful so our lawyers aim to get things resolved for you as quickly as possible.

We don’t use jargon or make things more complicated than they need be. We’re straight-forward and straight-talking. We’ll sit down together, chat things through, explain your rights, weigh-up the options and make a cost-effective plan to resolve the situation.

Rest assured we will be by your side offering you expert guidance and support within:

  • banking disputes
  • construction disputes
  • contentious litigation
  • employment litigation
  • landlord & tenant disputes
  • property disputes
  • purchase and sale agreement disputes
  • tax disputes

We are happy to offer initial advice on whether you have a valid claim. Initial advice can be given via a one hour fixed fee meeting. Thereafter, we will give you an estimate fee and we will not exceed that estimate without getting your permission first. If appropriate, we will offer you a fixed fee for a fixed amount of work.

We also strive to assist our clients to avoid contentious proceedings entirely by providing the advice long before disputes arise to allow them to structure their affairs in such a way that recognizes their goals but minimizes the risks of real or perceived liability to others. To that end, we represent clients in negotiations, mediations, and non-contentious proceedings.

Key Contacts

Paul Lospa

+40 725 387 205

Livia Dianu-Buja

+40 751 214 154

Elena Pîrvu

+40 727 214 655

Bogdan Vasile

+40 749 264 899

Radu Dodoi

+40 766 491 750

Gabriela Lospa

+40 722 693 208

Jason Wolfe

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