Your future in law

Every summer we offer academically gifted law students the opportunity to learn fromexperienced lawyers in many different practice areas.

Our Summer Internship Programme offers a select number of university students (anduniversity graduates) the opportunity to gain exposure to a thriving law practice. In order tosharpen your legal skills, you will work alongside reputable and talented lawyers andexperience an inclusive culture that encourages contribution and helps you to start fulfillingyour potential. You will be assigned to help handle a variety of client cases. 

Effective lawyers are built, not born. The internship will focus on the concept of ‘training by doing’, as we believe that a hands-on approach can only give long term benefit to the intern.

The activities of the legal intern will include: 

  • conducting basic legal research and gathering facts
  • preparing written advice
  • drafting contracts, agreements etc.
  • learning to create rational, reasonable arguments and making the right decisions
  • gathering knowledge necessary for problem solving and applying the law to fix client problems
  • being present at court hearings

various other tasks that may assist our lawyers in their duties 

Why us?

  • we take student recruitment very seriously. When we recruit, we are hiring our future partners and leaders
  • we design our student programs to provide the best legal training and hands-on experience in all of our practice areas
  • our students are mentored, supported and coached throughout their development

Meet our past internship programmes