Legal information
Legal information

This page contains details relating to our legal entity, complaints, use of this website and copyright.

Lospa Lawyers is a Romanian legal practice carried on by SCA Lospa și Asociații. References to Lospa Lawyers mean SCA Lospa și Asociații. Lospa Lawyers provides legal and other services in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 51/1995 for the organization and exercise of the law profession in Romania and the Statute of the law profession. We also have association and co-operation agreements with other law firms throughout the European Union.

  • Bucharest Bar registered number: 732/31.03.2020
  • Registered office: 36 Paris Street, 1st floor, ap. no. 3, bureau no. 1, 1st District, Bucharest, Romania, 011814
  • VAT registration number: R042447188
  • Current account (LEI): RO57INGB0000999910249778, ING Bank N.V. Amsterdam – Sucursala București
  • Current account (EUR): RO35INGB0000999910249980, ING Bank N.V. Amsterdam – Sucursala București


Lospa Lawyers is committed to providing a high quality legal service to all our clients. If you have a reason to feel dissatisfied, please contact directly our Founder, Paul Lospa at [email protected].

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