Corporate advisory and contracts
Corporate advisory and contracts

We will either find a way, or make one

We are pragmatic and we don’t make matters any more complicated than they are. We are able to deliver the required legal framework balancing your business needs, opportunities, regulations and risks.

We focus on providing pragmatic and tailored business law advice and transactional corporate assistance to entrepreneurs, companies (both start-ups and more mature entities) and investors throughout their entire “corporate life”. This work ranges from initial incorporation and set-up, corporate governance and so-called corporate housekeeping legal services.

We advise shareholders, directors, employees, creditors and other stakeholders to position our clients to worry less about legal and regulatory compliance and focus more on getting business done.

What we do:

  • corporate mergers, acquisitions and disposals and related due diligence and structuring issues
  • joint ventures, including devising ownership, management and operational structures to meet commercial and regulatory requirements
  • IPOs, placements and rights issues for companies and managed funds
  • capital management strategies, including buy-backs and capital reductions
  • directors’ duties, conflicts of interest and transactions and arrangements with directors, including directors’ indemnification
  • regulatory compliance, including the adoption of best corporate governance practices
  • company secretarial assistance to companies, including the establishment of companies, preparing minutes and resolutions for board and shareholder meetings, and undertaking statutory filings and any other proceedings before Romanian National Trade Register

Key Contacts

Paul Lospa

+40 725 387 205

Livia Dianu-Buja

+40 751 214 154

Elena Pîrvu

+40 727 214 655

Bogdan Vasile

+40 749 264 899

Radu Dodoi

+40 766 491 750

Gabriela Lospa

+40 722 693 208

Jason Wolfe

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