Employment litigation
Employment litigation

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We represent employers in the employment tribunals across Romania. You can ask us to defend all types of tribunal claims including for unfair dismissal, disability discrimination, sex, race and age discrimination, whistle blowing, TUPE, breach of contract and payment disputes.

Helping you to make informed decisions

From the outset, and as your case develops, we will assess the merits of your defence and discuss with you your options and our recommended tactics. We will advise you about any litigation risks and your estimated legal costs so that an agreed case plan can be followed. This approach allows you to make informed decisions at each stage about how you want to react to the claim being made against your business or organisation.

Negotiated terms of settlement

Regardless of the merits of any case, management time is lost and legal costs incurred if a case proceeds to a full tribunal hearing. Often there is uncertainty about what the outcome will be notwithstanding how strong your defence is.

If your preferred approach is to reach negotiated terms of settlement we can help. We are skillful and experienced negotiators who can seek to settle a case on best possible terms for your organisation. You may decide to seek a negotiated outcome if the merits of your defence are weak or because you wish to avoid the time, costs and uncertainty associated with dealing with a tribunal case that proceeds to a full hearing.

Robust case preparation

If you elect to fight an employment tribunal claim you need to make sure the preparation of your defence is first-class. A poorly or late prepared case can easily harm your prospects of defending successfully the claim against your business. This is why our tribunal cases are carefully prepared and organised by us in good time before any hearing, to avoid last minute panics and unexpected problems.

Our approach ensures your defence is robustly and persuasively argued and presented to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome, as quickly as possible to save the loss of management time and to minimise your legal costs.

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