Lospa Insolvency
Lospa Insolvency

A posse ad esse

As part of the integrated practice of Lospa Lawyers, the affiliated insolvency practitioners’ firm, Lospa Insolvency, offers a full range of services within the procedure stipulated by Law no. 85/2014, regarding the insolvency procedure and the voluntary liquidation procedure, financial supervision and special management.

Lospa Insolvency is led by Paul Lospa, a dual qualified attorney at law and licensed insolvency practitioner with over 7 years’ experience specialising in the field of insolvency. Our friendly professional team includes licensed insolvency practitioners and qualified external accountants who are skilled in providing insolvency advice to companies and individuals facing financial difficulties.

We have the necessary resources and expertise to offer complete and professional services consisting in efficient administration of an insolvent company, proposal and adequate implementation of a restructuring plan, liquidation of a bankrupt company, having in mind both the interests of the debtors and the ones of the creditors involved in the insolvency process and acting in many cases as a liaison between them.

Pre-insolvency services:

  • ad-hoc mandate procedure and the concordat preventif
  • financial and legal analysis
  • drafting of strategic plans
  • legal and financial due diligence
  • drafting, negotiating and implementing standstill agreements
  • commercial contract renegotiation

Insolvency services:

  • preparation of the reorganization plan
  • cross-border debt restructuring and workouts
  • asset management
  • business transfer
  • seizing and recovery of assets
  • voluntary liquidation
  • creditors arrangements
  • advising secured/unsecured creditors
  • assets sale

Post-insolvency services:

  • day-to-day financial and legal support
  • assistance in identifying and exploring business opportunities